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Phrasal verb fun de Peter Gray


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This is the second edition, revised and over 70% bigger than the first one.

Most people think that phrasal verbs, verbs with more than one word, are hard to learn. As students we are given lists and lists of them to memorise, and we usually find the whole thing boring, complicated, and really hard to remember.

This book is different. There are no lists and there is nothing to memorise. Instead, there are over 600 little stories, one for each verb. The fact is that phrasal verbs are not a logical system, designed by some maniac a few centuries ago. No. They are simply something that grew up naturally.

Most natives don’t even know the expression phrasal verbs. We never learn them at school. We know the difference between chopping down a tree and then chopping it up. We also know that when a building burns down, it is the same as when it burns up. Neither do we ever confuse put up your cousin with put up with him.

If you use this book for about ten minutes every day, I money-back guarantee that in about ten days you will know more about phrasal verbs than 99% of all non-native teachers who teach English for a living.

I also promise you that you will have fun doing it.


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