Título del libro: The manuscript I. The secret

Escrito por Blanca Miosi

The manuscript I. The secret de Blanca Miosi


When a mysterious man hands Nicholas Blohm a strange manuscript, the unsuccessful author stumbles upon the chance to write the best novel of his life. However, as he starts reading it, he soon discovers that at one point or another, the story is interrupted, and the last pages left blank. Nicholas then decides to find out whether the story in the unfinished novel is fact or fiction.

He readily gathers information and confirms the characters portrayed in the manuscript do exist. Moreover, he could even meet them: the story is real. Fascinated by the possibility, he travels to Rome to acquaint himself with the cast of characters. As a result, he becomes deeply involved in the search for a secret, a missing part of the formula left by Count Claudio Contini-Massera to his nephew, Dante.

Over fourteen days Nicholas and Dante will try to solve a mystery that will be involved in intrigue, suspicion, murder, science, and action.

Blanca Miosi, Amazon bestseller writer in Spanish, has published eleven novels. Some translated into Turkish, French and English.


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